Whether creating your very first PetroAI database, or just creating a clean repository, this guide will help you get started. 

How-to Set Up a New Repo, Database, and Users

Step 1: Create a new repository

  • After logging into PetroAI, click on the button to create a new repository
  • In the side panel, enter a name and description for the repository

If you do not see the button shown in the screenshot below, it is likely because your profile is not setup with Admin privileges. Contact PetroAI support or your company's PetroAI administrator for help.

Step 2: Add database users

  • Navigate to the Access page under Settings
  • Click on "New User" to open a side panel

These are not named users and are not tied to individuals. An example user might just be "Admin", which is used by anyone loading. You can create up to five users. 

  • Create a username and select the toggle if this user will have write access
  • Create a password and be sure to save it 

PetroAI does not store the password and there is no way to reset it. If you forget the password, you can delete the user and create a new one.

You now have a database and user credentials to start loading data!